It has been some time since I took a step back, and reviewed where I am, where I was, and what has changed. In looking at previous work I've noticed a couple of points which I will share.

I appear to be having difficulty recently in drawing, particularly the human form. I attribute this to either 1) becoming lazy, or 2) confusion in knowledge. When I knew very little about anatomy, gesture, and proportion, I progressed with deliberate care, resulting in drawings that I still enjoy (despite anatomical issues). Four are included below, the first three (pencil/charcoal) from independent study, and the last (oil) from a CE fabric workshop.

As of late I've noticed a departure from structured measurement, and difficulty taking my time and completing a figure drawing with the same level of discipline. Where I have noticed strong improvement is in the study of still life, which is encouraging. All is not lost. One of my last paintings from the prior semester is included below, which exhibits for me an improvement in color and organization.

Since I am enrolled in several drawing-based classes this semester, my primary focus will be attempting to meld current structural and anatomical knowledge with prior discipline and focus, in order to improve implementation of my work.
Stay tuned.