More Studio Work and More Studies

This is an assortment of a bunch of stuff I'm working on in my studio as well as some class work.

These are just some studies I've been working on in the cast hall while sitting in on Peter Van Dyck's interior painting class...

This is a still life painting that I'm working on in my studio...

Quick 2 hour still life study...I've been trying to work on capturing the color of the light...

This is the final stage of my first painting from Scott Noel's was a four week pose.

This is my second painting from Scott Noel's class...this is just after one 3 hour block-in.

This is an interior with still life that I'm doing on the 4th floor as a homework project for Scott Noel's class. It's actually pretty large--28'' x 40''. It's the largest painting I've done since last year and the biggest project that I'm working on this semester. This is just after one 3 hour block-in session.

This is a small graphite study that I'm doing in my drawing studio's actually just a preporatory drawing...hopefully I'll be starting to work in silverpoint soon on the final drawing.

This is a very small study of a crumpled up paper towel still life that I'm doing in front of the windows on the 10th floor...I'm going to be starting a larger painting of the same subject soon.

Study of the same subject by night...

Trompe l'oeil painting that I started in the cast took me several tries to get an arrangment that I was happy with.

This is the final's not finished yet, but at least it's getting there...

Interior first pass and charcoal 40 min

Sorry for the cell phone pics again. I will try to get some better pictures next week with the family camera, mine is still broken. Starting to get somewhere with these paintings though.

Four Foot Sculpture II

I decided to take the Large Scale Figurative Sculpture class again.

Last year, I regarded my sculpture simply as a study. I tended to put more emphasis on the anatomical issues, rather than the life and movement of the piece. Although I learned a great deal, the sculpture turned out rather stiff.

Last Year's Sculpture

This year I plan to concentrate on movement and aesthetic appeal of my sculpture. If I see my work as more than just a study, hopefully it will look and feel more like a solid sculpture.

Step one (after finishing the armature) is the bulk up stage. This is my progress after one session.

For obvious reasons, the model cannot hold this pose, so I greatly exaggerated the twists and turns of the model's body. It will be interesting to see how well I can turn a simple pose into a more energetic and graceful image.

Interiors and portrait sketches in oil, charcoal figure sketches

Camera is broken again. Back to cell phone pics. Sorry about the quality. Pictures are in reverse chronological's stuff is on top.