"Beautiful Dreamer"

Well, my first book titled "Testimony" is finally fully realized. The softcover turned out amazing, and I'm awaiting the hardcover proof. It's one thing to have all of the completed images and print them as a mockup, but it is such a surreal experience to hold the final, professionally printed book. I'm giddy with anticipation for the hardcover. There will be copies of the book, softcover and hardcover, available at PAFA's 2010 Annual Student Exhibition.

The image that I'm posting is a preliminary drawing for my second book, tentatively titled "Beautiful Dreamer". The images will be portrayed in black & white with very little color. Isolation and loneliness and the effects of leading a loveless life are the themes of this book. Originally titled "Good Morning, Goodbye", the idea focuses on a young woman who longs to love and her mental stability from lack of love. While the book is still in it's preliminary stages, it is proceeding very nicely. Once I've finished some more drawings and get my hands on a better camera, I'll post some more images. Enjoy.