Out in the wild.

So to speak.
On 9.13.08, a group of us (you may see adjoining posts on this blog) ventured into the outdoors for a bit of landscape painting. Not only was this a well spent afternoon, but also a reminder for some basic painting lessons. I began the day with a limited color palette, however quickly realized that I should have focused on a monochrome value study, as I was not ready to add the complexities of color. Here again, the importance of laying in the appropriate shape and value of each area was a lesson for the day. Working under constantly changing light conditions adds to the equation, however I believe this can be accommodated by maintaining relationships and practicing observation skills.

A photo of two of our setups is included to the left, in which a portion of my block-in can be discerned.

Overall, for anyone studying painting I highly recommend regular work out-of-doors, as it can only serve to hone observational skills and decision making.