The Importance of Measurement

I have begun exercises in individual parts of the body, to study overall shape, contour, and foreshortening. Firstly, after replication of the contour and comparison to the original, I realized that had I been successful upon any of my tries to duplicate this through approximation, upon review of the contour I would not have been able to convince myself that it was correct (below, center). Secondly, this may have led me to make corrections that would lead toward an inaccurate end.

This stresses for me more than anything the importance of measurement. Having an accurate overall dimensional structure is crucial in capturing the subdivided shapes. Subsequently, an exercise in identifying shapes and angles capturing the form was completed, so assist in recognizing these and capturing them in the future (below, right).

Once these have been established, progression to the final form can be completed, which is aided by study of the topography of the subject, and following the curvature of the form (bottom, left).

Subsequent exercises can be completed which use this topography to study the effects of light on color and tone.