Landscapes And Figures

The wet Spring weather finally gave way to a sunny day this week. I gladly took the opportunity to paint outside. When I paint outside I prefer to use Water Soluble Oil Paints. As opposed to traditional oil paints, Water Soluble Oil Paints allow you to clean your brushes and palette with water. This makes clean up easy and less toxic than using OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits).

I avoid/limit my use of Mineral Spirits (even OMS) and other harsh chemicals whenever I can. When I am painting in school or in my studio at home, I always clean my brushes with Vegetable Oil plus soap and water. I guess I am one of those paranoid artists, but I feel that it is important to know your materials and to avoid/limit ones exposure to harmful chemicals.

Tree study in H2O Soluble Oil Paints

I am still getting down to the city once a week to draw at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. For students, the price is unbeatable (six dollars per session).

Here is a drawing that I did in one session. I am trying to work quickly and not fuss too much. Unfortunately, I made a poor cropping decision and chopped off part of her head. However, I am beginning to really enjoy charcoal. With charcoal you can fill up a page quickly and it allows the artist to make interesting marks.

Next week will be a continuation of this pose. I plan to stick with Charcoal, but I would like to try a different technique.

Charcoal Study 18X24