Four Foot Sculpture

In my Large Scale Figurative Sculpture Class, what started out as a large lump of clay became a four foot male figure by the end.

I quickly learned how important a thorough understanding of anatomy is to a figurative sculptor. I just as quickly learned how little I really knew about anatomy, despite having taken two classes of it. It is one thing to draw muscles, but it is something entirely different to recreate them in 3D.

This class was great because I learned a lot about how muscle groups overlap and entwine. As usual I had some trouble capturing an interesting gesture, which left my sculpture stiff and rigid.

My main goal for next year, when I take this class again, will be to focus on the movement and gesture of the human figure.

Bulk Up Stage


  Deb Strong Napple

May 28, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Great job, Lora. You really captured the model's looks like he could step down from the platform at any time.