A Sign of Things to Come?

Well, well, I'm still alive... I think. Just posting a couple of samples of what to expect from me in the near future. The first piece is a 5" x 7" watercolor and the second piece is roughly a 11" x 12" charcoal and pastel. Enjoy all.



August 10, 2009 at 3:34 AM

Nie to see you working Ian. Coincidentally, I was just doing some investigation into watercolor tehniques this weekend. I am trying waterolor on gesso sized paper in an attempt to be able to wipe out or lift watercolor. Check out Bernie Fuchs he did that in oil though. Another excellent, experiemental watercolor guy is Alex Powers. His book is top notch.
I like the second one far more than the first. Charcoal, gouache, gesso, pastel, colored pencil...all those things go good with watercolor. The space in that one seems flat and I want to see why she is burning that butterfly. I always like the ideas in your pics.