Vincent Desiderio Workshop

Well folks it nothing else is to be said, this weekend was the most inspiring/informative two days I have had in a long time. I spent Saturday and Sunday with one of the most profound contemporary artists today. working from 9-5, two days straight with Desiderio, sure makes the brain wanna explode....but in the best of ways. Ill cut to the chase here. The workshop involved learning how to work from a photo as a painter. Saturday's agenda was based off of lectures, photographing the model, and the beginning stages of the drawing/painting. Sunday was a full 7 hours of intense painting full of critical advice by Vincent Desiderio.

The first painting here is the under drawing/painting before any real color is added

The 2nd image involves the addition of light and value on the figure, with the inclusion of background.

The 3rd image consists of the addition of color temperature.

The final version of the painting consisted of refining details, tweaking the color/value/anatomy.