Paintings, Sculpture, and Drawings

Once again I have been super slack ass in terms of posting my current art. Shame on my...bad
The body of work you see here is some of my in class as well as out of class projects.

This is my head sculpture in John Horn's Figure Modeling class. For a decent time it was progressing slowly, but now that I know what has to be fixed I will begin to catch in in time to have it casted in plaster.

This is my most recent figure painting in Jill's Basic Color class. This is after one session of figure work. I am happy with some of my color choices, but so far its an unresolved painting.

This painting was done in Pyform's Life Painting class. This is the result after 2 weeks of working. My big issue with this paining is how dwarfed I have made her. Due to poor figure planning and poor Patience, I jumped into the painting with out fixing my proportion issues.

This painting was done in my Still Life Painting class. After three weeks of work this was my end result. I am happy with very few things in this painting. I feel for the amount of time put into it, there should be a much better end result.

This is my most current painting which was started tonight during the 12th session of the Dirty Palette Club. ( It is an interior painting of the Academy's cast hall. Within one session I have managed to block in my entire painting and establish some of my values. This will be an ongoing project until the end of the semester, or until deemed complete.

Here we have a figure drawing done in Scott Noel's Life Drawing class. This was a one session drawing done using pastel on crappy newsprint paper. This is not the finished drawing, but due to my camera battery dying, this is what I have at the moment.

Here we have another drawing. This is a cast drawing of old Benny Franks done in Patrick Connors Cast drawing class. This turned out to be a pretty dame good drawing for only 2 hours worth of work. I will most likely be taking some of my spare time to finish this drawing.

This is a thumbnail sketch of my next 4 week still life painting soon to come.
Nothing to special, just to give an idea of what my composition will look like.

And finally my most recent drawing in Scott Noel's Life Drawing class.
Here we have John the model from the back.