Portraits, Still Lifes, and live figures Oh My!!!

Once again folks its time to post what I have been up to during my semester. Here are several studies I have been working on throughout the past two weeks.

This is a color/value study of a nude figure done in Jill's Basic Color class. This is clearly not one of my best paintings, but I feel one can learn just as much from a bad painting then good one. Using only a palette knife, the objective was to establish the correct pigments on the figure and cloth using only a prismatic palette and a palette knife.

This is a single session wipe out done in my still life class. Theres not to much to say for it at this stage. I think the values still need some work as well as the construction of the form, but overall I feel this is a good start and im looking foward to fixing my mistakes next class.

This is my most recent figure painting, done in Jill's Basic Color class. This pose will be lasting for three weeks. Todays goal was to construct the form, decide our composition, and establish the background, which was resolved, but this photo was taken before I finished for the day. I am happy to see some strong figuritive anatomy in this under painting. Next week I will focus on tweeking my proportions and throwing down some values into the painting.

This is a single session painting done in Pyform's Life Painting class. This particualr study lacks in some proportion which can be seen in the feet, arms, and torso, but overall her motion is captured and most of the values were pretty close to what they were.

This is another single session wipe out done in my Still Life class. I feel some of the forms have trouble sitting on top of one another, but that seems to be due to some poor perspective choices. These will be fixed once I begin adding more paint to the surface.

And last but not least. This is a portrait done and the most recent Dirty Palette Club meeting. I struggled hard with this painting, mostly due to the surface rejecting my paint most of the time. All in all I like the final effect. Its not really how I would normally go about a painting, but
I like it none the less.


  Mike Manley

February 15, 2009 at 9:40 AM

The one in Jill's class might not be great, but it has mass/planes, combine that with the better drawn one and I think you'll be on to something.