Going Slowly

I do not really have have much work to show this week. Despite the fact that I am working non stop, nothing seems to be getting done.

This painting was completed in Al Gury's portrait class. I have been trying to let my brush strokes show, which for me is a very difficult and uncomfortable task. The urge to over blend and over model a form is very strong.

As I am learning more and more about my artistic preferences, I find that I am drawn to paintings where one color family dominates. In this painting for example, I like the pink on pink color combination.



February 17, 2009 at 10:11 PM

Hello! I just came across your blog here and have been looking through the artwork. It seems that everyone here is interested in realism, especially figurative art. That is very encouraging to see from students at PAFA. I thought I'd make this comment to inform you all of a great summer intensive program that's worth taking a look at, as you seem to be the kind of aspiring artists that would be interested. It's atelier training at a fine art school called Mims Studios (click here), in North Carolina. The program is really eye-opening and powerful, I can tell you from personal experience. Well worth the travel and tuition, especially over the summer when you might not be doing anything.

Well, good luck to you all.