New classes at PAFA and quick oil painting sketches

I don't know how it happens. It does it everytime though. The break is over! School starts back up on Monday...and I, for one, am PSYCHED! I am truly excited about the line-up of professors that I will be studying with this semester. Here's some links for ya: Scott Noel, Al Gury, Renee Foulks, John Horn, Bruce Samuelson, Steve Weiss, and Patrick Connors

I had lots of plans for the break but I accomplished relatively few things. I was crazy busy for awhile. It was hectic up until about 10 days ago and then... it all stopped. It was all too much. I fell into a funk and couldn't get things started again. Feh...

The thing that helped me get revved up to go again was the loose micro-community of painters we've put together over at PAFA. A few friends of mine have sort of banded ourselves together to help each other squeeze every last opportunity we have out of our time at PAFA. We call ourselves The Dirty Palette Club. My tuition was worth every penny just because it put me in the same room as these awesome people. We meet up, paint and talk. We've done lots more talking and laughing than painting so far but, here's a few of the sketches I've done.

Check out their work from our meetings here.

In other news, my brother-in-law donated his old laptop to me. It was a fixer-upper but, I think the system is stable now and that should allow me to edit photos and create the website I have been talking about. SWEET!