Final version of my self-portrait in oil, charcoal portrait and figure sketches and an anatomy study of the foot.

This is a pastel drawing on regular dwg paper for Scott Noel's class. I would not recommend using that kind of can see how lovely it turned out. I learned that I change my drawing strategies with the medium automatically. That's not always a good thing and I need to be conscious of the changes I am making. Originally the figure was smaller and more isolated in the page. Scott pointed out that there are much more dramatic ways to use that rectangle and I will certainly try to do that in the future. The time to do this is while capturing the gesture. A gesture line is the condensation and organization of a whole lot of information...whew. The idea is to tack on just one more utility.

This is anatomy study I did last Saturday. I think I will keep working on specific problem areas like heads hands and feet.

This is study for the 15 week painting. I gotta admit I freezing up on how I want to use this....

So this is the final version of the self-portrait. I was extremely happy with how this turned out even though my professor thought it was too tight. The pictures don't do it justice. I worked this out on a smooth panel. I had been having lots of problems with those panels but, it worked out great for this project. The first session proves to be very hard to control and very greasy. That worked out great for the pickout I posted previously. The subsequent sessions grabbed onto the first layer rather nicely. Even though I did this over multiple sessions there is no glazing which is something I hope to employ on the next project. I have submitted this to a show at the Plastic Club on Camac St. in Philadelphia.