Oil paintings from finals at PAFA

Heads up. I am going to start selling off paintings to help with school costs. Take a look at the things I have posted on here since we started. Unless I have stated that I plan to continue working on the painting, you can pretty much assume it is for sale. If you are interested in any of these let me know. These are student works and will be priced as such.

Here are some more of the pics from finals...these are things that have not been posted in their "final" state.

Here is one of my final projects and I think one of the most successful and challenging paintings I have done so far. It is a self-portrait done without using photo reference. I thought my paint handling, use of color and shape all really began to come together here. Of course, I did make some mistakes. As usual, I made the head too big. In some areas I needed to create better transitions. I would have liked to pull the paint strokes around the forms differently as well. I plan to sand out some of this and repaint.

This is one of my pieces for finals. I have to say I was very pleased with how this painting turned out. It took about 9 hours and I really felt as if I was painting here. I would have liked to have been less timid during this painting. I am sure that I could have covered much more ground since my time with the model was limited. It is for sale.

This was a fun experiment. I was really much more concerned about blending mediums and using powerful colors than I was about the subject matter. This is cut paper, acrylic, gesso, pastel, black and white ink on illustration board. Also for sale.

This painting was quite a long figure study and even though it has become rather blended and many of the powerful colors I used have been lost, it taught me how important it is to keep strokes and colors fresh and powerful. Those are the attributes which will give a painting its depth and wall presence. The major mistake was that I oiled out before the painting was dry enough. I will be using retouch varnish to prevent this kind of error again.

This painting was a modest little still life that I set up to practice identifying color relationships and portraying them in the correct value key. After the previous debacle in still life class, I chose to do something simple and without any preparatory drawing or underpainting. The previous project taught me that it's important for me to make mistakes and paint over...I cannot become rigid or precious about my work. I still need lots of room to make discoveries. Also, also for sale.