For the record.

Here is the only record of my efforts in Figure Modeling with Rob Roesch. I took these pics because I had to destroy this :( Not everything we make is worth keeping.Despite the fact that my friends warned me that I would not like this class, I had alot of fun. I learned quite a bit from Rob. Sometimes it is a really good thing to confront yourself with views you do not necessarily agree with.I cam out of that class very much aware that some criticisms of the academy are accurate. We do tend to produce work that looks very much alike because of the rigorous, academic nature of the program. However, I also came out of that class very much aware that creative exploration, without a foundation of academic training or skill building, can produce work that is contrived, unfocused and naiive. It was a very timely reminder for me in both ways. Anyway, here is my last effort which probably suffers from a bit of each of those failings.

THese pics should be better quality. I hope to be capable of editing again soon....sorry that they're sideways.I am still working on pictures of the semester overview and my biggest "success".


  Mike Manley

December 22, 2008 at 8:14 PM

You really caught the gesture dave. Funny, he did the exact same pose for our class.