self-portrait drawing

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been lagging behind in my posting a little can definitely tell we're getting to that really busy part of the semester! I'm starting to think about all the final projects that will be due at the end of the term, and I'm trying to get as many of them up and running as possible. My project for this past weekend was to work on a large self-portrait drawing for my Life Drawing class with Scott Noel. The assignment is to do a 30" x 40" self-portrait drawing in pastels which would involve many of the issues that we've been considering in class such as volume, space, light and shade, shape, value, etc.

Anyway, I'd played around with the composition last weekend, and this weekend I blocked the whole thing in roughly. Here it is at the current stage:

Hopefully I'll be able to post again with some more pictures once I make more progress on it! Till next time!