Portraits, by request...

Back into the realm of photography, here are some portraits I took last weekend for a friend of mine. For these examples, I worked with a very dark backdrop that nearly matched her hair color in order to accentuate her face, hands, and belly. These are all taken in natural, diffuse light, as this provides the full color spectrum and gives a nice quality to skin tones.

This first shot is in black and white with a filter application, which increases the contrast of the photo, while still maintaining gradations in skin tone.

This final shot takes advantage of the diffuse natural daylight (see above), which allows for a stronger color in the skin and a warm rosy look.

As always I am a strong proponent of getting to know one's camera, the use of warm vs. cool light, the direction or intensity of light, and composition of the subject matter. I'll be doing two more sessions with her as she gets closer to her due date.


  Mike M

November 15, 2008 at 6:09 PM

That deserves to be a painting!