Life Drawings, Life Paintings and Illustration

So the school year has finally come. Three weeks under the belt and no post? Well here comes the weekly post again. Every week I will have new art or art in progress showing everyone what I am up to in and outside of class. I hope you all enjoy and maybe you can learn from my mistakes and successes.

Here is an illustration I am working on. This is the first stage block in. My goal here is just to distinguish my local colors and values. I still need to hit my darker dark's ad lighter light's.
But overall its off to a good start. (Oil on Paper on Panel)

Here is a quick study in oil of the figure. Only focusing on the big shapes and simple Values.
I dident quite hit the mark I wanted, but better luck next time. (Oil on Panel)

Here is another study done of the same figure (90min study) The goal of this painting was to once again stick to the big shapes and basic values. I will be doing a 8 week painting of this pose, so I would like to have a few studies under my belt before I get to the big one. (Oil on Panel)

Here is a study done in Studio Anatomy (20 min study) (Charcoal on Ruff Newsprint)
Here is a drawing done in Sidney Goodman's Life Drawing class. Not quite a finished drawing, more like a study. (Charcoal and Conte on Ruff Newsprint)

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