Landscape Studies

So its the summer.....and even though school is out, the painting never stops. At first I wasent painting anything or even drawing. Bad idea. Lately I have been doing landscape
painting with my good friends Mike Manley and David Golas. Here are the first two landscapes
done this summer.
This was my first landscape painting. I had a struggle with this through out the day. In the end I went back and fixed some of my drawing issues, leaving my painting flat. My key problems were all ones I've been lectured on countless times by friends and professors. Its to easy to lose track of advice. Part of being an artist is the ability to sit down and focus on your techniques until they become 2nd nature. Just jumping into a work of art or exercise can be fatal in the long run.
Here is my second Landscape painting in progress. This painting went a lot better. I broke all those poor habits and took my time. First I blocked in all the big shapes with my biggest brush. Using a small brush in the beginning makes it too easy to forget abut the big picture.

Here is the finished painting for the day. Progress has been made since my last landscape. I am pumped to go forth and start another now.