oil sketches...worse for the wear

So, I started in earnest to get things up and rolling again last week. That required more prep work than I would have liked and I wasted far too much time. The worst think is that I feel very rusty already. Anyway, here is where I am at. One from life, two from photos...all three are very rough in my opinion.

Summer studies

Hey folks!

I know you probably had all given up on me ever posting again...but here I am! I really do appologize for falling off the face of the earth. This semester has been really crazy, but good...it ended on a particularly good note, and I'll be doing some posts about some of my final projects very shortly...

For now though, I thought I'd just post some studies I've been working on this summer...I'm trying to stay very disciplined with my painting, in preperation for having a studio in the fall. So far, I'm not doing quite as much as I'd like, but I've still been painting pretty much everyday and I have a bunch of different projects going.

I had the opportunity to sit in on Peter Van Dyck's interior painting workshop a few weeks ago...it was an amazing experience and it definitely sort of revolutionized my way of approaching painting. This is a quick little study that I did during the workshop:

Here's a painting that I'm doing of my basement...it's still just in it's beginning stages, but I'm trying to use the same approach that I learned during the workshop...

This is a quick little landscape I did out by the Schuylkill river with some fellow pafa students...I'm hoping to go out to do more landscape studies sooon.

And finally, this is a little still life that I finished up recently. I'm not sure quite how many hours I spent working on it, but I did end up spending a fairly considerable amount of time on it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

I have some more projects that I have started working on, so hopefully I'll be posting those soon, and I definitely plan on posting about the end of my second year at PAFA, so stay tuned!

Charcoal Study

I made another charcoal study. This is the same pose that I drew last week, only this time I cropped the figure.