ecorche, large scale figure in oil, pastel

So, I lost track (which happens to me far too often) and it's now been a month since my last post. What have I been doing? Arguing, whining and complaining...mostly at myself but, also far too often at my friends and teachers. It's just that I'm stubborn and I when it suits my fancy I will delude myself. I've made an "art" out of it. It's like I'm chasing a detail to the detriment of the larger picture...:)
Seriously though, too often I look past the truly important parts of picture making and become entranced by the pretty flourishes or sparkling details. You know, "Oooh, aaaaah...shiny....pretty...." In fact, I can become so obsessed with "how to paint" that I ignore the truly important issues like...I dunno...mebbe making a pleasing picture?! Oh yeah, I am supposed to be making pictures not just drawing or painting. Funny how that slipped past me there. So when I say that some of the paintings in the last post "failed"...I don't mean that they were horrible. In fact, I quite liked them. The point is, that I need to be doing more than just painting well.'s some more pictures...